Katie, 20, London (but really Essex)/Cambridge. Music enthusiast, chronic television watcher & reader of modern classic literature and film fanatic to the best of my abilities.
Aspiring veterinary nurse.
Accidental Directioner.

I miss going on tumblr because I want to see my icon everyday. It’s just so beautiful. Reading Buffy has made me miss Spike tenfold again UGH.

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BEST birthday card from Ben and Alice! I just hope that’s not my leg Hannibal is eating…

Tim ParkinGlencoe, 2012

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Daft Punk ft. Julian Casablancas - Instant Crush

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Warpaint @ Sonos Studio, LA (04.15.14).

Close up view of a new painting in progress from Erik Jones ( @erikjonesart ) for ‘LAX / TXL’

Curated pop-up exhibit and mural project from Andrew Hosner of Thinkspace presented as a part of Project M/4 with Urban Nation

Opening Reception: 
Saturday, May 17th 8PM-Midnight

On view: May 17th – July 12th

Taking Place At:
Buelowstrasse 97
Berlin, Schoeneberg,

Additional details can be found at:http://thinkspacegallery.comwww.urban-nation.net

@urbannationberlin #urbannation #projectm4 #pm4 #thinkspacegallery #newcontemporary #urbancontemporary #art #museum #berlin #germany #laxtxl #wip #erikjones